How do you drink #Telba? Tag us in Twitter and Facebook or submit recipes to the site. We’ll publish them here and share how you indulge in great health and great taste. There’s nothing else like #flaxcoffee and #Telba on the planet, so let’s get the superfood brew revolution started!

Here are a few recipes to get you started.

Tebla is deliciously mild as-is, but is a truly indulgent treat when sweetened and mixed with cream or any kind of flavored coffee creamer.  One of our favorites is with whipped cream.  See below for some other amazing recipes! Simple recipes: add any one of the following to create delicious new Telba flavors.
1. Whipped Cream
2. Chocolate syrup and whipped cream – hot chocolate
3. Coffee creamers – French vanilla, Hazel nut, Caramel, etc.
4. Cream and sugar
5. Honey
6. Stevia
7. Sugar

Recipe - Fat Burning Coconut Flax Brew
As an alternative to a traditional dessert, have this fat-burning treat. Omega-3s have been shown to aid fat loss, as well as the medium chain fats in coconut, which are converted to energy rather than fat by the body. Combine two superfoods and enjoy!

1. One large mug of hot Telba
2. One Tablespoon of raw coconut butter
3. A few drops of stevia, to taste
4. A pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon, to taste

Combine all ingredients by whisking quickly with stirring stick. Top with nutmeg or cinnamon for aroma and a bit of extra flavor.
Recipe - Telba -N- Tea
Add a scoop of Telba with any tea for a delicious and powerful nutrient upgrade.  The smooth nutty flavor with the added benefits of Omega 3's is a wonderful addition to any tea.