Modernizing Two Superfoods

Our Process

The Seed of Life inspires Flax Coffee Co.’s proprietary process and reminds us to stay true to nature’s perfect sense of balance. We pay meticulous attention to every step of the process, from sourcing the right flaxseeds to creating the perfect roasting temperature.

Seed of LifeFlax Heart


We purchase all of our organically grown ingredients from fair trade farmers who build orchards that are better for the environment and improve the lives of their communities.


Environmentally conscious and ethically sourced, our flaxseeds are always the highest quality. All of our hand-selected 100% Arabica coffee beans are grown in high altitudes on single estates.


Once our coffee beans and flaxseed have been hand-picked, cleaning and sorting begins quickly using state-of-the-art equipment and a multiple wash process to ensure fresh and savory blends.


We roast using a proprietary low-heat, slow-roasting and cooling process that brings out Flax Coffee's signature smooth and balanced flavor.  


Ground separately to create consistency, we artfully combine our slow-roasted flaxseed and hand-selected coffee beans together to create signature recipes with unique flavor, aroma, body and smooth aftertaste.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to buy special equipment to brew these products?

Flax Coffee products can be brewed in any type of coffee maker. Telba can be made easily with any traditional coffee maker or teapot, if using a coffee maker we suggest brewing with a screen filter. Because Flaxseed has more oils than coffee, it does not filter through paper filters as well in some dated coffee makers. Sometimes there might be some residual water left in filter after brewing. If you have any residual water left over while using paper filters you may poke a small hole at the bottom edge of the filter. This will allow the excess water to flow through with minimal amounts sediment.

2. How much flaxseed is in Flax Coffee?

Flax Coffee has around 25-30% flaxseed in every blend. We take great care to provide the best tasting coffee's while adding enough flaxseed to provide an ample amount of health benefits.

3. Does hot or boiling water destroy or damage the Omega 3s in the ground flaxseed?

No. Our products have been laboratory tested and certified after brewing. This does not affect the nutrients or oils in our product. However, you can burn the nutrients and omega-3’s in the roasting process if overheated. Our proprietary roasting process was created to not affect the nutrient or health benefits of the seed. We incorporated a slow, low heat roasting process to insure that you get the complete benefits of flaxseed with our product.

4. Are there any side effects to drinking Flax Coffee or Telba?

If used in excess, flaxseed can cause slight bloating or create a mild laxative effect. Most people do not experience this natural side effect of consuming large amounts of flaxseed products, but if you feel uncomfortable, simply decrease your intake.

5. How do I store Flax Coffee and Telba?

Roasted Flaxseed should be refrigerated after opening. You may also keep in your freezer if you prefer. Roasted flaxseed does not go bad over night. In-fact it can sit in room temperature for up to 7-10 days after opening before going rancid. This is convenient for travel. Our zip-lock bag will allow you to keep your product fresh if you decide to bring it with you traveling. Just put back into refrigerator when you arrive at your next destination.

Coffee products usually start losing flavor within 2-3 weeks after opening. This is common with all coffee. It does not mean the product is bad, it only means that the flavor in coffee is always best if used within 2-3 weeks after opening.