A True Original

A Rich Heritage Steeped in Culture

Beginning as a simple home recipe, Flax Coffee Co. is the first to modernize the centuries-old Ethiopian tradition of Telba. Great care goes into crafting both our Telba and Flax Coffee products. Our proprietary process of slow-roasting flaxseed provides rich smooth flavors and a creamy texture that is healthy and delicious.


Flax Coffee Origin

Flax Coffee is a home recipe that was discovered by trying to create a simple, delicious and low calorie way of consuming flaxseed on a daily basis. Flax Coffee founder Jeff Duvall grew tired of sprinkling flaxseed into high calorie shakes or foods. The flaxseed beverage Telba inspired a perfect solution.

Because Jeff did not like drinking the flaxseed, while perfecting the art of Telba, he decided to slow-roast the flaxseed darker like coffee so that it could be brewed easily in any coffee maker or teapot. After months of trial and error, he found a sweet spot in the roast that brought out a smooth nutty flavor without over roasting the seed. 

After creating this one of a kind roasted beverage, Jeff decided to add a little of the slow-roasted flaxseed to his coffee and the result was nothing short of amazing. By adding the flax to coffee, it smoothed out the bitterness and relieved the usual acid burn. It also brought out a dimension of rich flavor that is delicious. Now, you get the health benefits of flaxseed in your daily cup of coffee without bitter taste or acid burn.