Why Flax? Start Here.

Telba and Flax Coffee: Making Every Morning Healthier
What are Telba and Flax Coffee and, most importantly, how can they significantly improve your health and well-being?
The secret is our proprietary slow-roasted flaxseed-- an ultra-pure, hand-roasted superfood that not only tastes amazing, but delivers health benefits that no other brewed beverage can provide.
How We Make It
What’s in Telba? It’s simple. It’s just our pure slow-roasted flaxseed, full of the amazing nutrients, lignans, and Omega 3s that make flax so special.
Flax Coffee is made from select Arabica coffee blends and 25% roasted flax seeds. It’s the perfect blend to achieve great taste and a healthy dose of superfood power every morning while making sure the coffee is balanced, rich tasting and smooth.
The Research: Flaxseed Benefits
The absolute best plant source of Omega 3s, ALA and lignans has so much research behind why it’s a superfood that we’ve dedicated a whole page to it.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are the brain-boosting, heart healthy essential fats that we need to avoid disease, combat obesity and perform our best. They’re also responsible for glowing skin and a slim waist!
  • ALA, or alpha-Linolenic acids, are essential fatty acids found in flax that our bodies cannot produce on their own.
  • Lignans are a plant compound responsible for fighting breast cancer and heart disease, and flax is the richest source of lignans on the planet!
We know now that fat is no longer the reason people gain weight. In fact, consuming the right kind of fat is essential to long-term results.
With coffee and Omega 3s combined, you’ve got a fat-fighting, disease fighting, antioxidant rich superfood brew. For anyone interested in a healthier morning, our Original Blend is a must-have. You’ll fight inflammation, boost your body, and take in a big dose of antioxidants in one incredible-tasting cup.
Toxin-Free Superfood
Is your brand of coffee making you sick? Unlike other coffees or brewed beverages, ours is tested to be mold and mycotoxin free. If you have sensitivity to fungus and mold, give our coffee a try and experience the difference.
A Healthier Life
As a socially responsible company, we’re serious about improving the health of our planet and partners. Learn more about why we care.
We’re dedicated to helping our customers feel healthier, happier, and more whole each and every day. Submit recipes to our site or let us know how Telba and Flax Coffee has changed your life. We’re all on this journey to better health and a happier life together.