The Lowdown on Lignans

Why choose whole flaxseeds over any other source of omega 3 fatty acids? The answer is lignans, one of nature’s most amazing phytochemicals. Flaxseeds have more lignans than any other food on the planet!

Lignans are actually phytoestrogens. This means they can find, bind to and block excess estrogen in our bodies. Too much estrogen is a factor in breast cancer and other hormone-related cancers. Excess estrogen is also a factor in obesity.

Studies involving mice have shown flaxseeds to dramatically prohibit tumor growth. One study found a 42% reduction in death from breast cancer in patients that included flaxseed in their diets. Another fascinating study shows that consuming flaxseeds for 10 years means a 71% decreased chance of getting breast cancer!

With such dramatic findings, it’s no wonder this amazing food is shaking up everything from the way we eat to the way we enjoy our morning coffee.