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A Better Cold Brew

What’s the difference between cold brew and iced coffee? Cold brew is actually steeped in cold water for a long period of time to extract the brew. Iced coffee is simply hot coffee, cooled down and poured over ice. Usually, iced coffee is brewed at double or triple strength to make up for the dilution when it’s poured over ice Unfortunately, iced coffee can be a bit bitter because of this. Cold brew takes a good 18-24 hours, which requires advanced planning. The real difference, however, is the smooth and bitter-free taste that has made cold brew a staple for hot, sweltering caffeine addicts everywhere. Unlike iced coffee, cold brew is brewed at a regular strength over a longer period...

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4 Food Remedies for a Party-Hard Summer

Every year, we look forward to outdoor concerts, festivals, beach parties, and the glory that is outdoor daytime drinking. Every year, we collectively forget the hangovers, headaches, dehydration, and bad hot dog incidents that happened the year before. Step into party season a little smarter with these 4 food remedies that naturally cure the summertime blues. The Problem: A nasty sunburn The Solution: Spaghetti with double the tomato sauce and a little olive oil If you get a little too cocky and forget to reapply at the pool party, your next-day best bet is a huge helping of spaghetti with extra tomato sauce. That’s because lycopene, the powerful skin-damage fighting antioxidant, is found in abundance in cooked tomatoes. According to...

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