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Why Flax? Start Here.

Telba and Flax Coffee: Making Every Morning Healthier What are Telba and Flax Coffee and, most importantly, how can they significantly improve your health and well-being? The secret is our proprietary slow-roasted flaxseed-- an ultra-pure, hand-roasted superfood that not only tastes amazing, but delivers health benefits that no other brewed beverage can provide.   How We Make It What’s in Telba? It’s simple. It’s just our pure slow-roasted flaxseed, full of the amazing nutrients, lignans, and Omega 3s that make flax so special. Flax Coffee is made from select Arabica coffee blends and 25% roasted flax seeds. It’s the perfect blend to achieve great taste and a healthy dose of superfood power every morning while making sure the coffee is...

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