Celeb Superfood Habits


What do the fittest A-listers have in common? Besides great trainers and lots of discipline, they love including flax seed into their diets.

Madonna has been using flaxseed daily for years to keep her famously trim shape. She swears that her regular intake of flaxseed oil keeps her trim.

Justin Timberlake admits that he loves eating. How does he stay so fit? Besides his workout, he makes sure flax is a part of his daily diet.

“I train in the mornings and I’ll eat two breakfasts. I’ll have waffles with flax seed and almond butter and one egg scrambled. ” He says.

Even celebrity makeup artists swear by flax’s superfood powers to make their clients’ skin look softer and more supple. Katey Denno, makeup artist to the stars and natural guru, adds flaxseeds to her daily diet.

How long have you been using flax in your diet? Can you tell a difference? Post a comment and let us know!