Welcome to the Flax Coffee Company blog!

Welcome to our blog, where we’ll be checking out the latest news in health and fitness. We’ll be chatting about some other fun stuff, too. Whether it’s a cool recipe, a cutting-edge study relating to beauty and fitness, or just something we think is interesting and cool, we’re on the lookout for great stories related to the healthy lifestyle you lead.


Look forward to hearing from us about:

Health: If you haven’t guessed, we’re obsessed with healthy living. Check back; we’ll be scouring the world and the ‘net for the latest and greatest health news.

Fitness: Staying fit is a huge part of why we created the Flax Coffee Company. We’ll share tips from the experts on how to achieve long-lasting fat loss.

Beauty: Let’s face it; we love the anti-aging perks of staying healthy and gorgeous. We’ll let you know how to stay glowing the natural way.

Lifestyle: From recipes to healthy workplaces and healthy families, we care about integrating our fit lifestyle into everything we do. Let’s share stories and ideas about making every about being healthier.

Food, Bevvies, and Fun Stuff: Our obsession with good food and drinks doesn’t end with flax. We’re excited to share what we’re coming up with in the kitchen.