4 Food Remedies for a Party-Hard Summer

Every year, we look forward to outdoor concerts, festivals, beach parties, and the glory that is outdoor daytime drinking. Every year, we collectively forget the hangovers, headaches, dehydration, and bad hot dog incidents that happened the year before. Step into party season a little smarter with these 4 food remedies that naturally cure the summertime blues.

  1. The Problem: A nasty sunburn

The Solution: Spaghetti with double the tomato sauce and a little olive oil

If you get a little too cocky and forget to reapply at the pool party, your next-day best bet is a huge helping of spaghetti with extra tomato sauce. That’s because lycopene, the powerful skin-damage fighting antioxidant, is found in abundance in cooked tomatoes. According to this study, lycopene had a protective effect against UV damage. In fact, the British Journal of Dermatolgy found that it reduces redness and indicators of aging. It’s important to have a little fat to help absorb this powerful antioxidant, though, so don’t skip the olive oil!

  1. The Problem: Picnic food gone bad

The Solution: Fresh papaya

Did that iffy egg salad sandwich send you running to the toilet for hours? Rehydrate the tropical way. Papaya is known for its extremely high electrolyte and water content. In fact, one papaya contains 781 milligrams of potassium, which is more than a serving of coconut water! Beyond papaya’s electrolyte content, the powerful tummy-soothing enzyme papain relieves stomach pain and eases digestion,speeding up recovery. Plus, papayas are relatively low in sugar, making them the low-cal recovery food mother nature likes best.

  1. The Problem: Head-pounding hangover

The Solution: Flax Coffee

You might not remember what happened last night, but your body sure does. When your head feels like it’s been under a stampede, a little caffeine can make a big difference. Because blood vessels often dilate during a headache, caffeine can relieve pain by constricting the blood vessels, getting rid of that throbbing feeling. With the added ground flaxseed, you’ll reduce inflammation, so your cup of joe will actually be helping you to recover faster and feel better in after the coffee has worn off. Flax has been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation, making it a safe ally in your quest for pain relief. Just don’t overdo it; too much coffee means another headache when you withdraw!

  1. The Problem: Heat-induced brain fog

The Solution: Grass-fed beef

The sun is blazing, but the forecast in your head is hazy. Anemia can be a sneaky cause of fatigue and brain fog during the summer months, especially for active women.Beef provides one of the best-absorbed sources of iron, so don’t be afraid to add some to a salad for a healthy protein punch. Studies have shown that protein at lunch can boost of mental clarity. Make it an extra healthy meal by making sure it’s grass-fed beef, which has a significantly better nutritional profile than conventional beef.